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Heinrich F. E. Schmid, 1811-1885

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Table of Contents

The Doctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church

Text (ASCII) Version:

Theology in General

  1. Of Theology in General
  2. Of The General Subject Of Theology, Viz., Religion
  3. Of The Source Of Theology, Viz., Revelation
  4. Of the Holy Scriptures

Part One: God

  1. Of God
  2. Of the Holy Trinity
  3. Of Creation
  4. Of Providence
  5. Of Angels

Part Two: Man

  1. General Statement & State of Integrity Defined
  2. Of the State of Corruption

Part Three: Of The Sources Of Salvation

  1. Of The Benevolence Of God Towards Fallen Man
  2. Of the Fraternal Redemption by Christ, as the Second Source of Salvation
  3. Of The Grace Of The Holy Spirit In The Application Of Redemption.

Part Four: Means of Grace

  1. Word of God
  2. Of The Sacraments
  3. Of The Church

Part Five:  Of The Last Things

Part Six: Appendix

  1. Sketch Of The Dogmaticians Cited
  2. Explanation Of Some Scholastico-Dogmatic Terms
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