The Luther Letter
A Commentary on Martin Luther, the Reformation
and the Modern World

Edited by William R. Russell, Ph.D.

Welcome to the archive page for The Luther Letter.

A long time member of our sleepy list, Dr. William Russell, has volunteered to produce for us a monthly enewsletter, to be called "The Luther Letter." In it, he hopes to keep us up-to-date on new developments in the field of Luther research and his own work. You are invited to respond to the letter and do something similar.

For those of you who do not know Dr. Russell, he is the translator of the Smalcald Articles in the Kolb/Wengert edition of the Book of Concord.


Bob Smith

The Luther Letter 2003

January 2003 Luther and September 11, 2001; Temptation and Prayer; Luther and the Lutheran Doctrinal Heritage
February 2003 Luther and the "Next Christianity"; The Metaphorical Luther; Maroslav Volf on Luther on Vocation; A German Shepard; Luther and the Mother Mary
March 2003 Luther on Vocation; Luther on Ecumenism; Luther on Augustine; Luther on Reforming Theological Education; Luther on Prayer; Luther on Dreams; Luther on Meditation; Luther on Being Lutheran
April 2003 Luther on War; Introducing Luther to Roman Catholics and Protestants; Lutheran Piety and Luther; Luther's Pastoral Theology
May/June 2003 Got Evidence?; Luther's Christocentrism; Luther and Oecolampadius; The Ecclesiology of the Smalcald Articles
Spring 2004 It Pays to Marry Well; You Heard It Here First; Theological Formation; The "Spiritual Luther"; Luther in the News



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