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A Brief Explanation of

The Commission on Theology and Church Relations

by Rev. Robert E. Smith

May 1997

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The CTCR is a division of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod whose function is to advise the congregations of Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod, its convention, officials, districts, schools and other entities in matters of doctrine and the application of doctrine to life. The Commission also maintains relationships with other Christian church bodies and assists the Synod in doctrinal and ecumenical discussions with them. The CTCR is composed of a cross-section of LCMS members, most of whom are appointed by the Synodical Convention. It includes: one paroachial school teacher, four laypersons, four Pastors, four Seminary faculty members, 1 faculty member from the synod's colleges, additional members (appt. by synod president), and four advisory members.

The reports of the CTCR, also known as CTCR documents, are the opinions of the Commission on certain issues in under current discussion in the LCMS. They carry no official status in and of themselves, other than to decide matters of dispute within the context of the Synod's reconcilation process. They become the official stance of the LCMS only when the church bodies' convention adopts them as such.


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