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The Ministry
Offices, Procedures and Nomenclature

Part IV

A Report of the
Commission on Theology and Church Relations
of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod

September 1981

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While a study of this nature cannot respond to every possible question about the ministry' the following "catechism" is offered to indicate some applications of the theological principles that have been presented above.


[15] Cf. Your Vicar and You: A Manual for the Supervision of Vicars, n. d., pp. 8-9. This booklet, prepared by the vicarage departments of the seminaries of the LCMS, states: "The College of Presidents of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod, in conjunction with the seminaries, has set up regulations for the congregations and pastors with regard to vicars performing official acts."

[16] Cf. 1965 Resolution 2-21 "To Adopt Report on Status of Certified Women Teachers, with Addition," 1965 Convention Proceedings, p. 99, and 1973 Resolution 7-05 "To Include Female Teachers on the Roster of the Synod," 1973 Convention Proceedings, p. 190.

[17] 1969 Resolution 2-17 "To Grant Woman Suffrage and Board Membership," 1969 Convention Proceedings, pp. 88-89. Cf. also 1971 Resolution 2-04 "To Withhold Ordination of Women to the Pastoral Office," 1971 Convention Proceedings, pp. 114-115, and 1977 Resolution 3-15 "To Reaffirm the Synod's Position on Women with Reference to the Pastoral Office," 1977 Convention Proceedings, p. 134.

[18] See pp. 16 and 35 above.


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