Project Wittenberg

The Charismatic Movement and Lutheran Theology

Conclusion and Notes

A Report of the
Commission on Theology and Church Relations
of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod

January 1972

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A. A Response to Issues Raised by the Charismatic Movement Within Lutheranism [17]


As the church seeks to resolve the tensions that have arisen within its midst because of the charismatic movement, it is essential that the primary issues be clearly defined and understood. It should be noted that the basic question is not whether the Holy Spirit bestows marvelous gifts on His church also in the present day. Nor is there disagreement regarding the fact that the church should earnestly and fervently petition Almighty God to give us a full measure of His Spirit. What, then, are the issues? It cannot be denied that such questions as the following are very important, particularly for those involved in the charismatic movement, and that they merit our careful study:

Important as such questions are for the consideration of the charismatic movement, we believe that the primary issues from the perspective of Lutheran theology are the following:



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