Luther's Little Instruction Book
(The Small Catechism of Martin Luther)

Translated by Robert E. Smith
May 22, 1994

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How a Father Should Teach His Household
to Conduct Morning and Evening Devotions

Morning Devotions

The Evening Devotions

When you go to bed in the evening, you should bless yourself with the sign of the Holy Cross and say:

May the will of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be done! Amen.

Then, kneeling or standing, say the creed and pray the Lord's Prayer. If you wish, then you may pray this little prayer as well:

My Heavenly Father, I thank You, through Jesus Christ, Your beloved Son, that You have protected me, by Your grace. Forgive, I pray, all my sins and the evil I have done. Protect me, by Your grace, tonight. I put myself in your care, body and soul and all that I have. Let Your holy angels be with me, so that the evil enemy will not gain power over me. Amen.

After this, go to sleep immediately with joy.

How a Father Should Teach His Household to say Grace and Return Thanks at Meals:

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