The Sermon Notes of Harold Buls

The Sermon Notes of Harold Buls

On the Gospel Lessons of the Ingrian Lutheran Church of Russia

Text from Matthew 28:18-20

Trinity Sunday

1. Many Christian churches confess, the Athanasian Creed on Trinity Sunday because it teaches the doctrine of the Trinity so clearly. The revealed and saving God is Triune, one God in three persons. This is clearly taught also in the OT. For example Is. 61:1. "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost" is the clearest statement of the Trinity in the Bible. The three ecumenical creeds are based on this phrase. "Name" means revelation and power. There are not three but only one. The Triune God is the saving God. The Father sent the Son, the Son became man and saved us, the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost to bring this message to all nations.

2. Jesus had appeared three times to His disciples after His resurrection, twice in Jerusalem (Jn. 20:19-29) and once at the Sea of Tiberias (Jn.21:1-23). Mt. 28:16-20 is the fourth recorded appearance. This passage is parallel to Mk. 16:15-18 and very likely also I Cor. 15:6. Shortly thereafter Jesus ascended into heaven at Bethany, east of Jerusalem. Lk. 24:50. There were only eleven because Judas had not been replaced.

3. Three times Jesus told the disciples to go to Galilee after His resurrection. Mt. 26:32; 28:7.10.

4. Vs. 17 says "when they saw Him". Very likely that means that He suddenly appeared to them as in His other appearances. From His conception in Mary's womb into all eternity the entire Godhead abides in Jesus. Before His suffering and death He did not always show the qualities of His divinity. But He proved it with His miracles and the transfiguration.Ever since He became alive in the tomb He uses His divine powers all the time. After His resurrection He appears and disappears but His divinity and humanity are everywhere. He said "Lo I am with you alway". He is with us also as a man.

5. Vs. 17 also says that "some doubted". They did not doubt His resurrection. Very likely His sudden appearance caused them to doubt. But when He spoke to them evidently they believed. It is a comfort to a sinner like me to hear that even some of Jesus' disciples doubted. But Jesus did not scold them. On Ascension Day (Acts 1:6) some of the disciples asked Him a foolish question about the kingdom. But He gently corrected their false thinking.

6. Jesus says: "All authority has been given TO ME". This must mean His human nature because His divine nature already had all things. Read Mt. 9:6 and 11:27 and Jn. 3:35. The Father has given all things into the hand of His Son's human nature. Therefore, Jesus, the God-man, has all authority over everything in heaven and on earth.

7. John the Baptist, his disciples and Jesus' disciples baptized people during Jesus' public ministry. But that was limited to Israel, the Jews. See Jn. 1:31. But Jesus' command to His disciples in Mt. 28 is for all nations, both Jews and Gentiles. Before and after, both baptisms forgave people their sins.

8. The church makes disciples of people by baptizing them and by teaching them. Sometimes they baptize before they teach, for example infants, and very often they teach before they baptize. Cf. the Book of Acts.

9. Teaching people to observe all that Jesus commanded means the whole Bible, Law and Gospel. Pastors must be good teachers for men, women and children. Nothing keeps people with the church as does good preaching and good teaching. Always prepare carefully. Don't be sloppy!

10. Baptism and teaching reveal the saving Trinity to the sinner. The Father adopts us as His children. Gal. 3:26-27. The Son becomes our Redeemer. Eph. 5:26; Gal. 3:27. The Holy Spirit becomes our Comforter. Eph. 1:14. He lives in us. I Cor. 3:10. The whole Trinity lives where there is faith in Christ. Jn. 17:21.

11. Vs. 17 says that the eleven worshipped Jesus. This is the first time that the Gospels mention them worshipping Jesus. Once and for all they truly realized that this Jesus was true God and the Savior of the world.

12. God comes to us only through the means of grace, Word and Sacraments.

The Sermon Outline of Harold Buls

On the Gospel Lessons of the Ingrian Lutheran Church of Russia

Text from Matthew 28:18-20

Trinity Sunday

THEME: In The Name Of The Father And Of The Son And Of The Holy Spirit


Our theme is a summary of an eternal truth. Both the OT and the NT teach the Trinity of God. God said: "Let US make man" Gen. 1:26. The word for God in Hebrew is ELOHIM which is plural not singular Ps. 110 begins with "The Lord said to my Lord." Is. 61 begins "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me." Jesus quotes this of Himself at Lk. 4:18. The word "Me"' stands for Jesus. In the NT the Trinity is taught in many places. For example, Jn. 14:16; 14:26; 15:26; 16:7. The Triune God is the saving God. We begin our worship services in the name of the Triune God.



Everything necessary for our salvation has been done. Now our work is to bring this salvation to the whole world. We are to go to all nations.


The church has only one work, to save sinners. God has given the church the power and the means to do this work.

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