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The Apology of the Augsburg Confession (1531)

Table of Contents

  1. Philip Melanchthon's Introduction to the Apology
  2. Part One: On Articles I-II of the Augustana
  3. Part Two: On Articles III-IV of the Augustana
  4. Part Three: What is Justifying Faith?
  5. Part Four: That Faith in Christ Justifies
  6. Part Five: That We Obtain Remission of Sins by Faith Alone in Christ
  7. Part Six: On Article III: Love and the Fulfilling of the Law
  8. Part Seven: Reply to the Arguments of the Adversaries
  9. Part Eight: Continuation of: Reply to the Arguments...
  10. Part Nine: Second Continuation of: Reply to the Arguments...
  11. Part Ten: Third Continuation of: Reply to the Arguments...
  12. Part Eleven: Articles Seven and Eight of the Augustana
  13. Part Twelve: Article Nine of the Augustana
  14. Part Thirteen: Article Ten of the Augustana
  15. Part Fourteen: Article Eleven of the Augustana
  16. Part Fifteen: Article Twelve of the Augustana
  17. Part Sixteen: Article Six of the Augustana (Pt. 1)
  18. Part Seventeen: Article Six of the Augustana (Pt. 2)
  19. Part Eighteen: Article Seven of the Augustana
  20. Part Nineteen: Article Fourteen of the Augustana
  21. Part Twenty: Article Fifteen of the Augustana
  22. Part Twenty-One: Article Sixteen of the Augustana
  23. Part Twenty-Two: Article Seventeen of the Augustana
  24. Part Twenty-Three: Article Eighteen of the Augustana
  25. Part Twenty-Four: Article Nineteen of the Augustana
  26. Part Twenty-Five: Article Twenty of the Augustana
  27. Part Twenty-Six: Article Twenty-One of the Augustana
  28. Part Twenty-Seven: Article Twenty-Two of the Augustana
  29. Part Twenty-Eight: Article Twenty-Three of the Augustana
  30. Part Twenty-Nine: Article Twenty-Four of the Augustana
  31. Part Thirty: A Definition of the term "Sacrifice"
  32. Part Thirty-One: What the Fathers Thought About Sacrafice
  33. Part Thirty-Two: Of the Use of the Sacrament and Sacrifice
  34. Part Thirty-Three: Of the Term "Mass"
  35. Part Thirty-Four:Of the Mass for the Dead
  36. Part Thirty-Five: Of Monastic Vows
  37. Thirty-Six: Of Ecclesiatical Power
  38. Part Thirty-Seven: End

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