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What is Project Wittenberg?

Project Wittenberg is an ad hoc group of individuals dedicated to posting on the internet a cross-section of classic and historic texts written by Lutherans. The project arose from the frustration felt by these librarians, archivists, scholars, pastors and others. A thorough search of the internet yielded few works by even Martin Luther, founder of Lutheranism, translator of the Bible, shaper of the German language, and a catalyst in the events that shaped the formation of modern western civilization.

Project Wittenberg gives priority to documents written by Luther or about Luther.  Documents by other Lutherans and Lutheran churches or organizations are produced to a lesser extent. Documents are selected and added when a volunteer expresses an interest in working with them.

The Lutheran Electronic Archive

Project Wittenberg Documents are first posted At the Lutheran Electronic Archive.  They appear in English translation in their original languages and other languages as they are available. The majority of the works are in HTML or text format. A variety of other formats will become available as time and volunteer labor permits. Project Wittenberg selects texts that are in the public domain or whose translators are willing to yield rights to free distribution of their work on the internet. In all cases, full scholarly citation is made for the pieces converted and released by the Project. In some cases, excerpts from larger works are included.

Keeping in Touch With Project Wittenberg

There are several ways to keep in touch with Project Wittenberg. The easiest way is to join list Wittenberg, the discussion group on the subject of Lutheran History. The group does not see a very large volume of messages. Chiefly, it is used to announce new documents,  to discuss an occasional issue in the history of Lutheranism and distribute the Luther Letter.

Send a message to: [email protected]

In the body of the note, say: subscribe Wittenberg

Locating Project Wittenberg Documents

Several electronic text libraries contain Project Wittenberg documents:

Lutheran Electronic Archive:
Project Wittenberg Website:
Christian Classics Ethereal Library:
Project Gutenberg:

How to Volunteer For Project Wittenberg

Project Wittenberg is very informal. Simply select an item you wish to key in & contact Rev. Bob Smith at:
[email protected].

Please specify the language you wish to work with. If possible, please locate a public domain text before sending your offer to do a document. Include in your message the full citation of the item so that we may confirm its status. also indicate the format that the final document will be posted in.  Rev. Smith will verify that the selection isn't already assigned,  and wait for the finished product. When you are ready, send your file to Rev. Smith for  posting. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Rev. Robert E. Smith
Project Wittenberg Coordinator

Last Revised: 8 August 2003
Rev. Robert E. Smith, Webmaster