A Word to Friends Who Post and Distribute Project Wittenberg Documents

Dear Friends:

Thank you so very much for your interest in Project Wittenberg documents. We are grateful to you for your efforts in posting and distributing our etexts. If you wish to receive the documents via email even before they are officially released, we'd be happy to notify you. Simply write Bob Smith and request to be subscribed to list LUTHERDOC. All of our new documents are posted to this list before they are announced. If you'd prefer simply to be notified of their release, why not subscribe to list Wittenberg? We also discuss the history and theology of Lutheranism on this list.

In any case, we'd like to add your site to our list of official mirror locations. Please notify Bob Smith so that you may be given a place of honor on our pages.

Yours for the International Electronic Library,

Bob Smith
Project Wittenberg Coordinator

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