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By Philipp Melanchthon, 1497-1560

TRIGLOT CONCORDIA. (St. Louis: Concordia Pub lishing House, 1921). p. 441, Paragraph 60-61.
60. Besides, examples ought to be interpreted according to the rule, i.e. according to certain and clear pas sages of Scripture, not contrary to the rule, that is, contrary to the Scriptures.

61. It is very certain, however, that our observances do not merit the remission of sins or justification. Therefore, when the Rechabites are praised, it is necessary that these have observed their custom, not because they believed that by this they merited remission of sins, or that the work was itself a justifying service, or one on account of which they obtained eternal life, instead of, by God's mercy, for the sake of the Promised Seed. But because they had the command of their parents, their obedience is praised, concerning which there is the commandment of God: Honor thy father and mother.

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