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Christian Theology

Table of Contents

Text (ASCII) Version:

1. Introduction
2.  The Source of Theology
3. The Nature and Modes of Revelation
4. Evidences of Revelation

Part One, Division One:
Truths Antecedent to Revelation
1. Evidences of the Existence of God
2. The Nature and Attributes of God
3. The Trinity
4. The Works of God

Division Two:
1. The Doctrine Concerning Man (Anthropology)
2. Man's State of Sin
3. Special Anthropological Truths

Part Two Division One:
Redemption: or the Manifestation of God in Christ for Human Salvation.

Division Two:
1. The Person Of The Saviour
2. The Divine-Human Constitution of Christ

Division Three:
1. The States of Christ

Division Four:
1.  The Work of Christ

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