Project Wittenberg

The Original Texts


Paul Gerhardt, 1607-1676

in German

Table of Contents

  1. "A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth" in German (1648)
  2. "All Ye Who on This Earth Do Dwell" in German (1648)
  3. "Awake, My Heart, With Gladness" in German (1648)
  4. "Now Rest Beneath Night's Shadow" in German (1648)
  5. "Upon the Cross Extended" in German (1648)
  6. "All My Heart This Night Rejoices" in German (1653)
  7. "Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me" in German (1653)
  8. "Now Let Us Come Before Him" in German (1653)
  9. "O Jesus Christ, Thy Manger Is" in German (1653)
  10. "O Lord, How Shall I Meet Thee?" in German (1653)
  11. "O Lord, I Sing With Lips and Heart" in German (1653)
  12. "Oh, Enter, Lord, Thy Temple" in German (1653)
  13. "Rejoice My Heart, Be Glad and Sing" in German (1653)
  14. "We Sing, Immanuel, Thy Praise" in German (1653)
  15. "Why Should Cross and Trial Grieve Thee" in German (1653)
  16. "Commit Whatever Grieves Thee" in German (1656)
  17. "If God Himself Be For Me" in German (1656)
  18. "O Sacred Head, Now Wounded" in German (1656)
  19. "I Will Sing My Maker's Praises" in German (1659)
  20. "A Pilgrim and a Stranger" in German (1666)
  21. "Come, Your Hearts and Voices Raising" in German (1667)

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