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Johann Wilhelm Baier, 1647-1695

Compendium of Positive Theology (C. F. W. Walther Edition)

Table of Contents

  1. Prolegomena, Chapter One
  2. Prolegomena, Chapter Two
  3. Part One, Chapter One: On God
  4. Part One, Chapter Two: On Creation
  5. Part One, Chapter Three: On Angels
  6. Part One, Chapter Four: On the Image of God
  7. Part One, Chapter Five: On the Providence of God
  8. Part One, Chapter Six: On Eternal Blessedness
  9. Part One, Chapter Seven: On Death or Eternal Damnation
  10. Part One, Chapter Eight: On Temporal Death
  11. Part One, Chapter Nine: On the Resurrection of the Dead
  12. Part One, Chapter Ten: On the Last Judgment or the End of the World
  13. Part Two, Chapter One: On Sin in General
  14. Part Two, Chapter Two: On Original Sin
  15. Part Two, Chapter Three: On Actual Sins
  16. Part Three, Chapter One: On the Grace of God
  17. Part Three, Chapter Two: On Christ
  18. Part Three, Chapter Three: On Faith in Christ
  19. Part Three, Chapter Four: On Regeneration and Conversions
  20. Part Three, Chapter Five: On Justification
  21. Part Three, Chapter Six: On Renewal and Good Works
  22. Part Three, Chapter Seven: On the Word of Law and Gospel
  23. Part Three, Chapter Eight: On the Sacraments in General
  24. Part Three, Chapter Nine: On the Sacraments of the Old Testament
  25. Part Three, Chapter Ten: On Baptism
  26. Part Three, Chapter Eleven: On the Holy Supper
  27. Appendix to Part Three, Ch. Twelve: On Inscription in the Book of Life
  28. Part Three, Chapter Twelve: On Predestination and Reprobation
  29. Part Three, Chapter Thirteen: On the Church
  30. Part Three, Chapter Fourteen: On the Ecclesiastical Ministry
  31. Part Three, Chapter Fifteen: On the Political Magistrates
  32. Part Three, Chapter Sixteen: On the Domestic Estate and Society...

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